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It’s hard to stay mindful in the modern world. It takes a lot of effort to regulate emotions, break bad habits and maintain positive self-esteem. A basic knowledge of psychology may help to assist on these issues.
About the Course
In 6 classes we will talk about different features of personality such as character, emotional intelligence, habits and addictions. We will make the first steps in understanding psychology and even learn a bunch of clever scientific expressions!
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You Will Learn:
Is it possible to improve emotional intelligence and why is it important
How trauma shapes identity
Whether we should be afraid of a midlife crisis and what other crises are there
How to set and protect boundaries
Course Curriculum
lecture 1
Where does personality come from
Personality Types: Part 1
„How to Deal With Short-tempered People” says another article on the Internet. But we all have a temper. You can fight it, or put up with it. Nevertheless you can also find the right approach to yourself and people around you
In this class, we will learn about personality types and psychological aspects of personality. We’ll explore who the hysteroids and narcissists are and how psychological trauma affects a person. We will also understand what psychological defenses are and how they work
lecture 2
How to communicate with people of different tempers
Personality Types: Part 2
After a brief introduction to personality types theory we will move on to specific examples. We will learn how to define the type of personality. Find out who schizoids, paranoids and narcissists are
We will learn what an obsessive-compulsive character is and how it is connected to feelings of guilt. Understand why people with this type of personality strive to organize everything around them constantly. We will understand what psychological traumas influence this type of character
lecture 3
How personality traits change over time and why everyone needs a crisisa
Developmental Psychology
We are often confronted with age stereotypes: „Too old for this, too old for that!” However, age is not a matter of deadlines but a special period of mental development. Its boundaries can move, and each person has their pace to go from one stage of development to another
In this lecture we will learn how a person's psyche changes over the years and what stages of development it goes through. We will find out what age crises exist and whether the big scary middle age crisis is really that big and scary. We will talk about ageism, and how society affects the way we think about age
lecture 4
Regulating emotions and understanding the others
Emotional Intelligence
Sometimes it’s not easy to control emotions, be empathetic and even polite. Emotional intelligence is what helps us to manage it all. One can be an intelligent person but emotion intelligence is like… the next level, right? In this class you will understand how it can help to build better careers and improve relationships
You will find out what emotional intelligence disorder is and what models of emotional intelligence exist. Furthermore, we'll understand how to test your emotional intelligence and see if you have any problems with it
lecture 5
What it really means to „love yourself“
Self-Esteem and Self-Acceptance
Happiness and self-esteem are correlated, they say. But in real life there are more that one self-esteem hidden inside and none of them as connected to the feeling of happiness as we think it is
In this class, you will figure out what self-esteem is. You will learn what is hidden underneath the „love yourself” advise. You will learn to set personal boundaries and protect them
lecture 6
How unsatisfied desires affect self-esteem
Self-Development, Self-Actualization, Purpose in Life
Becoming a better version of yourself is one of the priorities for a modern human. In this class, we will examine how such a priority was set. We will talk about the principles of humanistic philosophy and discuss the nature of creativity and love
We will explore the boundary between freedom and responsibility, and how unsatisfied desires may affect the quality of life
Personality Development and Personal Growth
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