Psychology: The Science Behind Happy Relationships
Finding your person and fostering intimacy together
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Sometimes it feels like having a person by your side could be really nice. Having someone who makes you feel safe, seen and inspired. How can we tell if we have met the right person? How do we build a secure relationship that will make us happy? It’s not easy, but definitely possible.
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In this course, you will learn everything about healthy relationships and the ways of nourishing them. You'll master communication techniques and learn how to resolve conflicts in a productive way. You will understand how to detect and end abusive relationships.
What kinds of bonds can a person experience, and what do love, friendship and family all have in common?
What is true intimacy and how does it differ from codependency?
Why are confrontations inevitable, and how to disagree productively and positively?
What does it mean to „reflect” with another person and why do we want to do that?
You Will Learn How To
How „the eight needs” can help achieve love and harmony in relationships?
Course Curriculum
lesson 1
How love is different from friendship, and other kinds of relationships
Intimacy and Attachment Theories
The search for affection is an innate need for us. In this webinar, we will discuss the types of attachments and what love, friendship, and kinship have in common. You will also discuss:
how other people influence our thoughts and actions;
how to tell true intimacy from addiction;
what is the difference between solitude and loneliness;
what it means to reflect with another person and why this is what we want.
lesson 2
How to resolve conflicts in a productive way
Emotional Literacy
In any relationship, there are fights. That's totally normal! Sometimes, they arise to make the bond stronger and more secure. Sometimes though, even a minor disagreement can lead to a breakup. In this webinar, you will learn:
why conflicts are inevitable
how to disagree respectfully and learn from mistakes
how to set boundaries during a conflict
what is the Karpman Drama Triangle and how to get out of it
lesson 3
Where the problems start
Painful Experiences and the Burden of Prejudice
Every relationship problem has roots. Sometimes difficulties arise from a childhood trauma, various painful experiences or prejudices. In this webinar, you will learn:
how the attachment style affects our behavior during the hard times
healthy communication with a partner who’s experienced a traumatic event
how to overcome expectations in a relationship
how to start really ‘seeing’ each other
lesson 4
How life scripts affect our relationships
Psychological Background and What We Can Learn From It
Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in toxic relationships and recurring bad scenarios. One calls it fate, but the science says, this is the outcome of our life script. In this webinar, you will figure out what this script is about and discuss:
what drivers and prescriptions are and how they form our life scripts
how scripted expectations affect our relationships
what is stroke economy and how the lack of love and joy affects us
how mind games can lead to toxic relationships
lesson 5
Warning signs of toxic relationships
Codependency and Counter-Dependency
Sometimes it's hard to stay true to yourself being in a relationship. The most difficult part is to admit that there is a place for psychological or physical abuse there. In this webinar, you will learn:
the way toxicity manifests itself: gaslighting, manipulations, abuse, codependency
how to recognize an abuser and what kind of people is prone to violence
what counter-dependency is
why many people are stuck in toxic relationships and how to find the way out
lesson 6
Building healthy relationships
Symbiosis in Human Relationship and the Eight Needs
Healthy unions are based on three pillars: caring, intimacy, and shared values. In this webinar, you will learn how to balance these pillars. You will learn:
what eight needs you have to meet to achieve love
what is healthy symbiosis and is it really achievable
how we can identify ourselves through the other person
Psychology: The Science Behind Happy Relationships
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