Soft Skills for Life and Career
Emotional intelligence, critical thinking and stress management
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In the modern world, you don't have to keep lots of information in mind. Everything you need can be found quickly on the Internet. That's why soft skills (a.k.a. skills that help us work with this information) come to the fore. We learn to evaluate information critically, produce creative projects and present them. In this course, we will learn how to develop soft skills
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Set boundaries
Be aware of emotions and manage them think creatively
Deal with anxiety and stress
Communicate effectively
You Will Learn How To
Improve critical thinking
Course Curriculum
lesson 1
Make creativity your superpower
Creative Thinking
How to decorate an apartment? What is the best place to set up a meeting? What project will not keep my boss bored? Thinking differently is a difficult task: it is easier for the brain to follow a familiar route than invent a new one. At this lecture we will look at creative thinking in terms of psychology and learn how to boost creativity. We will find out:
what mechanisms are responsible for creation process and why is it so difficult to think outside the box;
why no techniques can guarantee sustainable success;
how to use reframing and categorization techniques.
lesson 2
How to care less of what others think and normalize saying „no”
Healthy Self-Confidence
Assertiveness is the ability to regulate your behavior and take responsibility for your actions regardless of other people's opinions. Easy to say, but in real life we often put others' needs first to achieve approval. In this lecture we will learn how to avoid this and find out:
what is a healthy self-esteem and how to become more confident;
how assertive communication works and how to avoid manipulation;
how to protect your boundaries;
how to say „no” and ask for help;
how to make rational decisions regardless of others’ opinions.
lesson 3
When stress becomes your friend
Stress Management
Stress has evolutionary origins. A long time ago it helped our ancestors fight predators and adapt to severe conditions. Unfortunately, our brain was not prepared for social networks, public transport or pandemics. Chronic stress became an enemy for a modern human. In this lecture, we'll learn how stress mechanisms work and how we can regulate them. We'll find out:
what mindfulness and self-awareness are and how they help you cope with stress;
how breathing techniques and non-judgmental thinking work;
what are healthy habits to cope with stress;
what emotions influence stress levels and how to work with them.
lesson 4
How to work with your emotions and feel others better
Emotional Intelligence
Sometimes it’s not easy to control emotions, be empathetic and even polite. Emotional intelligence is what helps us to manage it all. And it is not less important than being intelligent at all. In this lecture, we will learn if one can develop emotional intelligence. We will understand how it can help us to build better careers and improve relationships. We will learn:
the difference between feelings and emotions;
how emotional intelligence differs from just emotions;
what is emotional perception disorder;
what models of emotional intelligence exist;
how to test your emotional intelligence and understand whether you should enhance it
lesson 5
Shield yourself from deception and manipulation
Critical Thinking
In the age of fake news and post-truth, people substitute facts with opinions and logic with an appeal to emotion. Critical thinking is a set of skills that help you avoid such mistakes, analyze analyze incoming information, and deal with manipulations. In this lecture we will learn how to develop such skills. We will find out:
what are cognitive distortions, heuristic rules and the framing effect;
how to draw logical conclusions from premises, formulate a research question, and present your own idea;
how an argument works and how a good argument is different from a bad argument;
why repetition of a certain belief reinforces it.
lesson 6
How to have a rational conversation with anyone
Effective Communication
You may think that conflicts emerge when someone chooses a wrong word or argument. But often a person is simply not ready for communication and subconsciously plays the game wrong, falling into manipulating. The transactional-analytical model of communication by Eric Byrne and his followers helps to recognize such a game and to resist it. We will learn this and even more:
the three logics of Adult, Child, and Parent coexisting in one mind;
how facial expressions and speech can help us understand a person’s intentions;
how to start a dialogue with a brainwashed person who is intolerable to rational arguments.
Soft Skills for Life and Career
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